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Would you like to move with more ease?  Interested in healthy aging? Experiencing a lot of stress in your life? Living with a chronic condition that is painful, limiting and stressful? Think you’re too old, unfit, inflexible for yoga? Peaceful spirit yoga offers gentle hatha yoga classes for every body, with classes   designed to fit the students’ needs, taught in an invitational style and delivered with an element of fun and joy.


Peaceful spirit yoga offers gentle hatha yoga classes for everybody, especially those who have previously thought yoga is not for them, students interested in subtle aspects of yoga and students desiring a practice tailored to what they need at this stage of their life.

Hatha Yoga, a traditional form of yoga, balances/harmonises the mind body. It begins with the “gross” physical practices of asana and uses the breath and pratyahara (inward focussing of the senses) leading to the subtler practice of meditation. Energy (prana) flows more freely as physical practices open energy channels.

It can be a powerful tool for self-transformation, stilling the fluctuations of the mind and opening the door to the more spiritual aspects of our existence.

I will support you in your yoga journey through providing:

  • Classical asana taught with modifications and variations to support safe participation and enjoyment.
  • A focus on strength, balance and flexibility of mind/ body - vital elements in maintaining mobility, independence and wellbeing as we age.
  • Smooth and gentle transitions, some gentle vinyasa (flowing sequence) and static poses.
  • A range of practices that include both energising and calming aspects.
  • A full range of yogic experiences: yoga ethics, asana, pranayama, relaxation, meditation, chanting and yoga philosophy.
  • A focus on interoception, i.e. your inner experience of the practices, cultivating experiences of steadiness and ease and deeper connection to self.
  • Practices to develop self-compassion and help learn to befriend your body.
  • A class structure which enables students to move into stillness and learn to soothe and settle the nervous system, reducing negative impacts of stress on the mind/body and aiding equanimity, mood and sleep.
  • Pain friendly general classes and specific classes for those living with persistent pain.

Classes are suitable for beginning yogis and those looking to deepen their practice.

Looking for more balance and less stress in your life? contact me on 0432 475 565 or marg@peacefulspirityoga.com.au

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